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Networking, randomness and such...
I'm a visual designer and art director with a foundation in fine arts. Digital marketing and user interface design has been my focus for the past 8+ years with added experience in identity and print design. I've worked with a diverse group of clients, from leading agencies to grassroots companies, and listened to their unique needs to make sure the design is reflective of the brand and captivates the audience.

A Work in Progress:
This site currently serves as a quick overview, highlighting some of my digital and print work over the past few years. I plan to expand the site to showcase individual projects in; illustration, screen printing, letterpress, art projects and maybe even sharing my thoughts. Check out my etsy shop, UnderHand for prints and stationary or my Instagram feed to see what I'm working on, doing and seeing.

To see some recently live projects check out Harley-Davidson, AutoNation and Handle iOS app + Chrome extension.

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TE Connectivity

senior designer, art director, storyboards, illustration, branding/identity, mobile
While working on this account we developed many solutions to push TE's internal team and customers closer to a true e-commerce experience as they grew more online services. Concept work included a mobile app, site-wide improvements, email marketing system, a customer quoting tool, an "About Us" page redesign as well as an internal video created to motivate and train their sales staff.

art directors: Jeremy Hlinak, Kristel Cornell. creative director: Todd Donohue.
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senior designer, art director, image manipulation, mobile
In addition to designing email templates, microsites and general site maintenance for Moen, during their brand refresh we reskinned their current site and social media assets and created a mobile version of the site for customers to make in-store purchases and access helpful videos and product information.

art director: Kristel Cornell. creative director: Todd Donohue. associate creative director: Rina Mallick.
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Nissan Commercial Vehicles

senior designer
I joined the NCV team during a site redesign that included integrating shopping tools. We adapted a Nissan framework from our Calgary team to suit the small business audience, providing users with customization tools, accessory options, financing and more.

senior designer: Michael Wiemann. art director: Tim Schavitz. creative director: Todd Donohue.
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Nissan LEAF Telematics & Owners Portal

senior designer, art director, mobile
I partnered again with CM to create the Nissan LEAF owners portal with new functionality, an organized account view and telematic capabilities. We worked closely with our Calgary team to create account logins, CARWINGS sign up, email notifications, mobile usage and car communication UI's.

art director: Nathan Thompson. associate creative director: Duane Wheatcroft. creative director: Steve Savic.
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Kraft Nabisco

senior designer, art direction, illustration, branding/identity
I accepted a short-team contract to develop the UI for Kraft's Nabisco Cookies & Milk Summer Photo Facebook Contest, which included campaign-focused pages on, a custom newsletter and several drivers/banners for internal and external sites. Additionally, I generated brand identity elements and mood boards for Nabisco 12-Packs.

art directors: Alex Helfers, Terra Hambly. creative director: Xavier Wynn.
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art director, senior designer, illustration, image manipulation
Centerpoint brought me in-house to oversee and design a Sears Simply Indoors interactive catalog. I had nearly free-reign over the project and managed a team of designers while coordinating with the development team overseas. In addition, I developed the identity and several iterations of a Sears electronics weekly interactive circular.

associate creative director: Julie Streicher. creative directors: Catherine Etzkorn, Jason Bowman.
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designer, art director, illustration, image manipulation, print
As CM was transferring Hyatt creative from the Calgary office to Chicago, I helped develop micro and promotional sites, branding, email campaigns, banner ads, site redesigns, general site maintenance and internal print pieces.

art directors: Jonathan Conaty, Carl Lukasewich, Gian Carlo Yerkes. associate creative director: Rina Mallick. creative director: Geoffrey Frankel.
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designer, art direction, branding/identity, print
For Pamper's Swaddlers promotion, I created instructional print-outs to help mom's with swaddling their babies along with designing banners and a landing page for a web series, "a parent is born".

senior designer: Anne Farichai. art director: Stacey Izard.
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